About This Project

I wanted to see what it was like going on a ghost investigation. S.P.I.R.I.T.S. of New England was kind enough to let me tag along and watch as they did a public investigation of the Peter Oliver House. I came into this project with an open mind and a journalist mentality - to tell the story. While I am still skeptical, I do believe ghost investigators like the SPIRITS of New England team have a desire to help those who are experiencing things they cannot explain. 


I am a grad student at Emerson College studying my Master of Arts in Journalism. I enjoy learning about the people around me and why they are passionate about their jobs, hobbies and dreams. You never know who you walk past on the street. 

I freelance for entertainment websites and I enjoy making people laugh.  I've written for Nerdist, StarWars.com, ElevenThirtyEight and I'm a contributing writer for But Why Tho.

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